COVID-19 Price Reduction Offer

COVID-19 has hit every industry hard. We understand that more than ever, customers need low cost alternatives. Singapore 360 has adapted our business model in line with the times so we now offer our “CHEAP FAST GOOD” service.

How CHEAP? Very cheap ! ! ! We charge by square foot.

0001 sq ft to 1070 sq ft – SG$100
1071 sq ft to 2300 sq ft – SG$150
2301 sq ft to 3500 sq ft – SG$200

How GOOD? Very good ! ! ! We are armed to the teeth with professional cameras, high end editing computers and experienced photographers. We even provide optional voice over of up to 500 words! Check out our sample:

SAMPLE 1 : 2228 sq ft apartment + voice over sample.

Disclaimer: *Voice over will read the text provided by you. We do not help you to write the script. Voice over is a free option that is done in-house and limited to our own talent’s capacity. We reserve the right to not offer the free voice over if we are unable to match the style you require.

How FAST ? Very Fast ! ! ! We generally deliver each unit in only 1 business day. Some projects have many units so understandably delivery time will increase.

Anything else? YES ! ! ! If you genuinely have no way to host your own virtual tour and you really want one, tell us about it and we can help you host it on our servers for you FREE OF CHARGE. Yes, times are bad and we feel your pain, so talk to us about it.

Just some of the equipment we use in virtual tour productions !

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