About Singapore 360

Singapore 360‘ is a Singapore owned business operated by Mr Aram Pan. Since 2008, Aram Pan has been providing business to business support to produce interactive virtual tours and also facilitate business outreach to emerging Asian markets. Contact us for more information at [email protected] – Business registration number: 53469752J .


Our primary business is photography with special emphasis on 360° Virtual Tours. We have ultra high gigapixel image capture solutions for professional applications and budget options for educators and small startups.

Museums & Exhibitions
Museum exhibits are regularly replaced to make way for new exhibits. Archive your museum exhibits into an online virtual tour so that visitors can look back into the past.

View Sample: https://virtualtour.eurasians.org.sg/ehg/

As a specialized provider of 360° virtual tours, we do not compete with digital media production houses and instead synergise our core strengths to support them.

One example is our long time business partner, FX Media, we completed the Kampong Lorong Buangkok Virtual Tour for the Singapore Institute of Technology. This project captures the historic last kampong (village) in Singapore that has been scheduled to be demolished.

View Sample: https://projectklb.singaporetech.edu.sg/vr/

Another example is our long time partner, SingaporeBrides.com . We provide the virtual tour expertise for their wedding resource web portal. With interactive virtual tours of wedding venues, couples have an easier time choosing the various banquet locations in the comfort of their own homes.

View Sample: https://singapore360.com/360/Ballroom1/

Real Estate
We provide photography and the virtual tour HTML5 software so you can host the entire virtual tour on your own website servers without any 3rd party subscription fees. The delivered project is yours indefinitely and there is no hidden costs. Perfect for property developers who want to own and control the final product.

View Sample: https://singapore360.com/360/orchard_scotts/

Real Estate 360° Full Motion Video
For the more creative and adventurous clients, we operate a remote piloted rover that can explore your property to capture full motion 360° video.
🚨IMPORTANT🚨 you have to drag the video around to see the 360° effect.

Facebook Version: https://fb.watch/pLl0STnIx1/
YouTube Version: https://youtu.be/6RWv42bEMdM

  • Cambodian International School

    In 2019, we provided media & marketing consultancy to a Cambodian International School. Part of this consulting included a virtual tour to help potential expatriates to Phnom Penh settle down quickly with a choice of school for their children.

  • Teaching Aids for schools (Ultra Budget)

    During the 2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore schools stopped all field trips and restricted large gatherings. We produced a virtual tour of the Jurong Lake Gardens as a teaching aid for Frontier Primary School. This tour implemented various clickable information points and a “hidden bear hunt”. We customized this project for quick delivery at an affordable cost.

Contact us at [email protected] for a customized solution.

Professional Cameras VS Matterport Virtual Tours

We offer virtual tours using professional full frame mirrorless cameras or matterport captures. Here is a quick comparison of the two methods

Professional Camera Sample: https://singapore360.com/360/fullertonhotel2024/

Matterport Sample: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=bVDfGeJcJQd

Professional Camera capture provides extremely fine details with highly editable and customisable options whereas Matterport offers faster and larger captures at lower resolutions without the option to edit your final images.

Contact us at [email protected] for a free consultation to which solution best fits your needs

Consultancy Services

Our varied projects have taken us across many borders and we have built up a network of business opportunities. We provide consultancy, networking and business tours for various emerging markets around Asia. 🇸🇬 🇰🇭 🇻🇳 🇹🇭 🇮🇩 🇲🇾 🇲🇲 🇨🇳 🇰🇵

Contact us for more information at [email protected]